Welcome to Reiki Geek!

Welcome to ReikiGeek.com, the one-stop shop for your Reiki needs.

This site will be continuing to grow as more attunements and services are added.

How does it work?

  1. Add one or more Reiki attunements to your cart
  2. Pay via Paypal
  3. Receive email from me when your chi ball is ready. It will contain the PDF manual about the attunement and how to practice it. Some attunements also come with certificates.
  4. The email will contain instructions on how to receive the chi ball. You’ll want to find a quiet place where you can remain undisturbed for 15-20 minutes to receive the attunement.

It’s that simple!

Some attunements have prerequisites and time restrictions on how soon after particular attunements that you can receive them, so read carefully!

If you have any questions about attunements, what a chi ball is, or even Reiki itself, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Enjoy, and May the Reiki Be With You!