About Reiki Geek

ReikiGeek.com was started with the idea that geeks should not hog all of the cool toys. Namely that I had acquired a rather large number of attunements, some of them most of my fellow Reiki and energy healing practitioners had never even heard of, and was just sitting on them, Master level and all, and wasn’t passing along the good stuff.

Well, all of that is changing! I’m offering a wide variety of Reiki and Reiki-like attunements for reasonable costs via chi ball distance attunements.

As I continue to collect Reiki attunements at the Master level, I will pass them along to this site for everyone else to enjoy. Why should I get to have all of the fun? No more toy hogging!

And the best part? People will benefit from these attunements! You get to help spread the wealth, health, and joy of helping and healing others, including yourself. It’s something I enjoy immensely, and I figure that I can’t be the only one.

So if you’re a fellow Reiki geek, please bookmark this site and stop by frequently for more updates!

About Me

I am a Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, a Kundalini Reiki Master, and hold many other Reiki degrees and attunements. In addition to providing healing and attunements to others, I am also am a Certified Life Coach. Overall, my goal is to help people to achieve happy, fulfilling lives.

While many of my services are unique, some can be combined. Please feel free to contact me for a consultation if you are interested.