Etheric Cord Flush Attunement

Etheric Cord Flush Attunement

This helps to clear and release negative attachments which could otherwise drain you of energy. These attachments, or cords, can form between us and people, places, and things.

Whether you believe in cords literally or figuratively, it’s a good idea to clear them on a regular basis to keep your energy clear of outside energies. The Etheric Cord Flush is an easy way to clear cords without a lot of effort.

The Etheric Cord Flush will work in the following manner. First, it will clear away negative cords that should not be attached and are ready to be let go. Second, it will heal the energy of any cords that remain attached. This will heal you as well as offer some healing energy to the person on the other end of the cord.

Benefits include:

  • Improved energy and health.
  • A feeling of being lighter or more grounded.
  • Disconnection from others’ negative emotions to be more in tune with the self.

This is a highly recommended attunement for sensitive people, particularly empaths, and those who work in counseling and related industries.

Price: $25