Tachyon Attunement

Tachyon Attunement
Prerequisite: Reiki level 2, Kundalini Reiki, or similar

Tachyon energy is for attuning objects, oils or water with Tachyon, which converts itself into life force energy. It can be compared to a concentrated form of Reiki that doesn’t wear off. Tachyon energy is simply applied, and is useful for boosting the energy in a room, for increasing one’s strength in channeling energy healing, increasing energy, clearing blockages, speeding healing, and for just giving oneself the benefit of the increased life force energy. You can also charge objects for giving as gifts to others, to help with their own healing and well-being. After one attunement, a person can attune objects and liquids with Tachyon and attune others.

This attunement would make an excellent addition to one’s own Reiki practice!

Attunement is done via chi ball and comes with a PDF manual explaining how to use it and attune others to it.

Price: $25