Alchemy Reiki Attunement

Alchemy Reiki Attunement

Alchemy is the transformation of lead into gold, or in terms of philosophy, the personal development and growth of oneself. The theory of alchemy is very simple. It is a theory since all parts make a whole, we can work to change that whole. It is not about releasing the negativity, but embracing our weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

For what Alchemy Reiki does is the same as the ancient Alchemists do, they transform and transmute materials into gold. In this same way we will take our negative spiritual energy and turn it into gold. Alchemy Reiki teaches you how to turn negative energy into positive energy and therefore transforms the whole body for the highest good.

Attunement is sent via chi ball, and comes with a PDF manual detailing how to perform the practice and attune others.

Price: $15

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