Dos Rios Reiki Attunement Levels 1-3

Dos Rios Reiki Attunement

Dos Rios is a spiritual program, prayer, meditation and pathway of service.

Dos Rios Reiki is a Japanese art of healing with chi or energy. Dos Rios Reiki roots go back to Medicine Buddha of ancient Tibet and beyond.

Dos Rios Reiki is a different style of Reiki that evolved from the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, it is often referred to as “cow boy reiki” and is a non-invasive form of Reiki that evolved from its founder working with AIDS patients. The reiki healing, limits touching to the head and feet and relies on Tibetan Medicine Buddha mantras to cultivate compassion.

There are 3 attunements that use the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki symbols and connect them using those symbols.

Level I will teach you

  • Being present in your life
  • Preparing for an Attunement
  • Transcending Space & Time
  • Healing Yourself
  • Healing Others
  • Becoming a Healer, Part I

Level II will teach you:

  • Being present 4 others
  • Usui II symbols
  • Healing others at a distance
  • Becoming a Healer, Part II

Level III/Master will teach you:

  • Being of service to the Universe
  • Using the Master Symbols
  • Performing the Attunements
  • Performing a distant Attunement
  • Becoming a Master
  • Becoming a Teacher

Attunement for all three levels, allowing one to heal, do distance healing, and attunement others, is sent via chi ball and comes with a PDF manual.

Price: $20

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